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How much does a website cost in NZ? 2017 Update

What does a website cost these days in New Zealand? Costs for website design and development in NZ can vary widely. A lot of web design companies will respond with a “how long is a piece of string?” type of … Read More

WordPress Web Design Quotes

If you’re in the market for a new or updated website, chances are the first step you will take after jotting down your ideas and specifications is to approach a range of businesses to get a WordPress Web Design Quote.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a reasonably new term in the world of digital marketing. But it’s not a complicated concept. It refers to methods of attracting traffic to a website, landing page, or app by providing high quality content that draws … Read More

10 Hacks to Help Your Website Generate More Leads, Sales and Revenue

Have you heard the phrase “A website is never finished”?

If your goals involve growing your database, improving your traffic stats, increasing online sales, or getting sign ups to your list then this statement may be very true … Read More

Selling globally from New Zealand with WooCommerce

In our previous post, WooCommerce NZ Setup Steps, we showed the steps to setup a WooCommerce installation to take orders from NZ based customers only.

Most of our start up Ecommerce clients are looking for this option.

We do … Read More

WooCommerce NZ: Setup Steps

After installation, WooCommerce settings need to be set up for use in New Zealand.

These are the settings we usually use for an Auckland, New Zealand based WooCommerce website, selling to NZ customers. The settings will differ slightly … Read More

Make your website Mobile Friendly NZ

As you may have heard, responsive design is a must from April 21st 2015.

It’s official… from April 21st, the mobile-friendliness of your site will be a major factor in your search rankings. Non-responsive sites or those deemed not … Read More

The Google Friendly Checklist

“A practical step-by-step checklist with a range of tasks to check, research and action on your website, right now.”

Relaunched for 2015!

Our ever popular Google Friendly Checklist has been reviewed and relaunched for 2015.

It is a … Read More

How to make the WooCommerce State Field Not Required

WooCommerce defaults to making the “State” field in the checkout a required field.

This might be useful if you ship overseas from New Zealand, but as you’ll imagine – “State” doesn’t apply to New Zealand addresses.

For NZ WooCommerce … Read More

NZ Web Design on Pinterest

If you’re looking for Web Design Ideas – take a look at our Pinterest Boards.

SiteSmart NZ Pinterest Boards

We’ve set up a range of boards covering:

  • 2015 trends in Web Design
  • Flat website design ideas
  • Responsive design … Read More

10 Marketing Predictions for 2015

In the world of marketing, often the only constant is change. This is even more so for the Digital Marketing world.

Heading into 2015, it’s exciting to see what is coming up in digital trends for marketers and how … Read More

How to Search and Replace your WordPress Content in MySQL

I love “Search and Replace” functions – I use them all the time in Excel, Word, and Notepad. Sometimes we wrangle a LOT of data, so being able to make these quick changes is a real time saver.

Something … Read More

How to stop spam registration on your WordPress website

Whether you’re running a WordPress blog, membership site or WooCommerce install, spammers can be out to annoy you.

If you’re getting a lot of user or customer registrations coming in that just look dodgy – lots of similar looking email … Read More

How to set New Zealand GST for a WordPress WooCommerce website

We work with WooCommerce for our NZ website customers who want to run Ecommerce. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that adds Ecommerce functionality, whether it be selling products, selling online courses, taking bookings for appointments, or paying … Read More

Web design FAQ: What is Responsive Design?

We are frequently asked by our NZ web design clients: “What is responsive design?” and “How does this differ from having a separate mobile website?”

I recently stumbled across the really detailed, helpful infographic from Verve that answers those questions … Read More

Should New Zealand web design be more mobile friendly?

I was recently playing with Google’s Our Mobile Planet tool, and put together a graph of mobile usage in different countries. So what did we find?

65% of New Zealanders used their mobile or smartphone to search for products online

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How much does a website cost in New Zealand?

Please note that this article has been updated for 2017. Read our updated Website Costs article.

Costs for website design and development in NZ vary widely. We try to give you a rough idea on our Rate Card, … Read More

$150 web design voucher

February is a great time to refresh your website and digital marketing for 2015.

To help you freshen up during February, we’re giving away a NZ$150 voucher* to everyone who likes our Facebook page and joins our VIP list.

Visit … Read More

Conversion Optimisation for Ecommerce in NZ

Every Ecommerce website owner should have reporting that can answer:

  • What is your conversion rate?
  • How do you measure it?
  • How is it affected by your marketing efforts? How does it vary by season? What other factors in … Read More

Two Steps to Digital Marketing Success

Digital marketing can seem like a minefield at times – too complex, too many different channels, and how do they all work together? You may feel like you can never ‘finish’ your digital marketing work, as there is always something … Read More

6 most frequently requested SEO tasks

Help with individual SEO tasks

We help our New Zealand based clients with SEO tasks almost every day. I’ve listed the top 6 most frequently requested jobs here to give you an idea of what others are working on: … Read More

Facebook Image Size Guide

Facebook’s layout and design guidelines are constantly being updated. It’s great to keep things looking fresh, but it can be hard to keep a track of the latest image dimensions and requirements for posts, links, apps and Facebook Ads.

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An Ecommerce business’s most important asset

Your most important asset is your customer database.

It’s that simple – the amount of traffic to your website, the number of people on your email database, and the number of social media fans, followers and contacts you have will … Read More

Starting an Online Store in NZ? 3 things you need to know

Planning an online store is an exciting step. Whether you have a physical retail operation and are creating an online channel, or whether your new venture will be entirely online, there are many realities to consider. Here are our … Read More

How do I customise the WooCommerce Email Template?

WooCommerce comes with a standard set of email templates for sending notifications of new orders, customer acknowledgement of their order, and of a completed order.

These emails and their look and function are often crucial parts of the customer … Read More

Blogging and Social Media on your Website

Our websites come built-in with industry leading Blogging and Social Media features.

Blogging and Social Media are standard features of SiteSmart websites.

More and more of us are relying on Blogs and Social Media to help our businesses run and … Read More

How we help with your Ecommerce ROI

Ecommerce websites provide a wealth of information which is readily translated into actionable tasks using Google Analytics. Your data is key to answering and being able to act on your business questions.

We help clients keep track of their Ecommerce … Read More

Why WordPress Websites?

I believe every website could benefit from a little WordPress magic. WordPress is an industry leading website platform, also known as a Content Management System (or CMS).

This means that WordPress website are:

  • Easy for the website owner/manager to … Read More

WordPress Designers NZ

Add some WordPress magic to your next project!

A client recently called and asked us to “Work a bit of that WordPress magic for me!”. Of course, we’re happy to oblige, we love any chance to work on a … Read More

WordPress Training

Learn how to effectively manage your WordPress website

Need help to fix, alter or manage your WordPress website?

Check out our help, support and training options >

When you book in for training with us, we’re only a … Read More

Top changes to make on your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages allow new levels of customisation via Page design modification, and adding Tabs and Apps (Applications).

Claim your brand, entertain your audience and inform your visitors directly on Facebook by utilising Tabs and customised Apps.  With App development, there … Read More

HealthConnect: all systems go!

We’ve been working on HealthConnect for a while now and pleased to announce that it is out of it’s beta phase and fully operational!

HealthConnect is an email newsletter package that we’ve designed to make it easy to keep … Read More

Our Approach to Website Design

We look after the whole process of building your website, from web design, coding, and content management, to testing and going live online.

Website design

We’ll focus on designing a simple, functional and usable website that suits your business … Read More

New Zealand Website Designers

At SiteSmart, we specialise in Website Design

We’ll focus on designing a simple, functional and usable website that suits your current business logos, colours and print marketing materials.

Whether you’re after a small business website design, or a full scale … Read More

Where to focus your Google web marketing: Paid Ads or SEO?

Can I Google you? A little SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) goes a long way towards improving your Google ranking and driving traffic to your website.

Google Search Results

There are two types of results in a Google search – Paid … Read More

Web Design and Marketing: Our Approach

Let’s work together.

Hi we’re SiteSmart Web + Ecommerce, a web agency based New Zealand wide. We’re always hungry for new people and projects to work with, to add to our growing team of happy clients who experience success on … Read More

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