How to stop spam registration on your WordPress website

Whether you’re running a WordPress blog, membership site or WooCommerce install, spammers can be out to annoy you.

If you’re getting a lot of user or customer registrations coming in that just look dodgy – lots of similar looking email addresses, the .ru email addresses, lots of name + random number email addresses – chances are the spammers are targeting your website.

stop wordpress user registration spam nz

If your WordPress Developer has set up basic security and privacy settings on your website for you, then there is very little chance of the spammers doing any damage to your website or business.

However, this kind of spam is still incredibly annoying!

Ask your WordPress developer to add an anti spam plugin

How do you tell your real customers or members from the random spam entries?

The best solution is to ask your developer to put in place a Captcha form directly on your WordPress login or registration page.

We’ve implemented Captcha form anti spam measures for a range of NZ website clients with almost instant results and a 95% reduction in user registration spam.

Here isĀ one of theĀ plugins we have implemented to cut down your registration spam (and it’s free!):

Talk to your WordPress developer today to see if this option will suit your website.