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Ecommerce used to be about online stores and shopping cart websites. Now all manner of websites incorporate aspects of Ecommerce, including taking bookings and payments online, to selling vouchers, classes and products.

How to set New Zealand GST for a WordPress WooCommerce website

We work with WooCommerce for our NZ website customers who want to run Ecommerce. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that adds Ecommerce functionality, whether it be selling products, selling online courses, taking bookings for appointments, or paying … Read More

Conversion Optimisation for Ecommerce in NZ

Every Ecommerce website owner should have reporting that can answer:

  • What is your conversion rate?
  • How do you measure it?
  • How is it affected by your marketing efforts? How does it vary by season? What other factors in … Read More

An Ecommerce business’s most important asset

Your most important asset is your customer database.

It’s that simple – the amount of traffic to your website, the number of people on your email database, and the number of social media fans, followers and contacts you have will … Read More

Starting an Online Store in NZ? 3 things you need to know

Planning an online store is an exciting step. Whether you have a physical retail operation and are creating an online channel, or whether your new venture will be entirely online, there are many realities to consider. Here are our … Read More

How do I customise the WooCommerce Email Template?

WooCommerce comes with a standard set of email templates for sending notifications of new orders, customer acknowledgement of their order, and of a completed order.

These emails and their look and function are often crucial parts of the customer … Read More

How we help with your Ecommerce ROI

Ecommerce websites provide a wealth of information which is readily translated into actionable tasks using Google Analytics. Your data is key to answering and being able to act on your business questions.

We help clients keep track of their Ecommerce … Read More

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