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WooCommerce Tips & Support

WooCommerce is a WordPress based Ecommerce framework. It has a range of functions and works well out of the box, making it the go-to platform for many small and medium Ecommerce businesses in NZ.

Selling globally from New Zealand with WooCommerce

In our previous post, WooCommerce NZ Setup Steps, we showed the steps to setup a WooCommerce installation to take orders from NZ based customers only.

Most of our start up Ecommerce clients are looking for this option.

We do … Read More

WooCommerce NZ: Setup Steps

After installation, WooCommerce settings need to be set up for use in New Zealand.

These are the settings we usually use for an Auckland, New Zealand based WooCommerce website, selling to NZ customers. The settings will differ slightly … Read More

How to make the WooCommerce State Field Not Required

WooCommerce defaults to making the “State” field in the checkout a required field.

This might be useful if you ship overseas from New Zealand, but as you’ll imagine – “State” doesn’t apply to New Zealand addresses.

For NZ WooCommerce … Read More

How to stop spam registration on your WordPress website

Whether you’re running a WordPress blog, membership site or WooCommerce install, spammers can be out to annoy you.

If you’re getting a lot of user or customer registrations coming in that just look dodgy – lots of similar looking email … Read More

How to set New Zealand GST for a WordPress WooCommerce website

We work with WooCommerce for our NZ website customers who want to run Ecommerce. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that adds Ecommerce functionality, whether it be selling products, selling online courses, taking bookings for appointments, or paying … Read More

How do I customise the WooCommerce Email Template?

WooCommerce comes with a standard set of email templates for sending notifications of new orders, customer acknowledgement of their order, and of a completed order.

These emails and their look and function are often crucial parts of the customer … Read More

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