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Tips, tricks and updates from our New Zealand WordPress developers.

How much does a website cost in NZ? 2017 Update

What does a website cost these days in New Zealand? Costs for website design and development in NZ can vary widely. A lot of web design companies will respond with a “how long is a piece of string?” type of … Read More

WordPress Web Design Quotes

If you’re in the market for a new or updated website, chances are the first step you will take after jotting down your ideas and specifications is to approach a range of businesses to get a WordPress Web Design Quote.

Read More

How to Search and Replace your WordPress Content in MySQL

I love “Search and Replace” functions – I use them all the time in Excel, Word, and Notepad. Sometimes we wrangle a LOT of data, so being able to make these quick changes is a real time saver.

Something … Read More

How to stop spam registration on your WordPress website

Whether you’re running a WordPress blog, membership site or WooCommerce install, spammers can be out to annoy you.

If you’re getting a lot of user or customer registrations coming in that just look dodgy – lots of similar looking email … Read More

How much does a website cost in New Zealand?

Please note that this article has been updated for 2017. Read our updated Website Costs article.

Costs for website design and development in NZ vary widely. We try to give you a rough idea on our Rate Card, … Read More

How do I customise the WooCommerce Email Template?

WooCommerce comes with a standard set of email templates for sending notifications of new orders, customer acknowledgement of their order, and of a completed order.

These emails and their look and function are often crucial parts of the customer … Read More

Blogging and Social Media on your Website

Our websites come built-in with industry leading Blogging and Social Media features.

Blogging and Social Media are standard features of SiteSmart websites.

More and more of us are relying on Blogs and Social Media to help our businesses run and … Read More

Why WordPress Websites?

I believe every website could benefit from a little WordPress magic. WordPress is an industry leading website platform, also known as a Content Management System (or CMS).

This means that WordPress website are:

  • Easy for the website owner/manager to … Read More

WordPress Designers NZ

Add some WordPress magic to your next project!

A client recently called and asked us to “Work a bit of that WordPress magic for me!”. Of course, we’re happy to oblige, we love any chance to work on a … Read More

WordPress Training

Learn how to effectively manage your WordPress website

Need help to fix, alter or manage your WordPress website?

Check out our help, support and training options >

When you book in for training with us, we’re only a … Read More

Our Approach to Website Design

We look after the whole process of building your website, from web design, coding, and content management, to testing and going live online.

Website design

We’ll focus on designing a simple, functional and usable website that suits your business … Read More

Web Design and Development

Building your new website

Once your website design is sorted – we turn our focus to building your website.

Our Wellington Web Developers focus primarily on WordPress development, whilst our Christchurch Web Developers focus on email coding, HTML and CSS, … Read More

Website Content Management

Manage your own website?

We recommend that all websites are powered by content management systems (CMS), of which WordPress is our favourite.

This means the owner/manager of the website can make most of the day to day website changes that … Read More

New Zealand WordPress Developers

Hopelessly devoted to… WordPress!

The SiteSmart web design and development team specialise in all things WordPress. With well over 50 million WordPress based websites online worldwide, it is the go-to platform for ease of use, search engine friendliness, range of … Read More

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