Conversion Optimisation for Ecommerce in NZ

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Every Ecommerce website owner should have reporting that can answer:

  • What is your conversion rate?
  • How do you measure it?
  • How is it affected by your marketing efforts? How does it vary by season? What other factors in and out of your control affect your conversion rate?

What exactly is Conversion Optimisation?

In Ecommerce, Conversion Optimisation is the process of measuring, testing and refining your website to grow your rate of conversions (sales/signups/subscriptions).
In practice, it covers aspects of:

  • Measurement and analytics
  • Usability and User testing
  • Split testing layout and copy (A/B testing)
  • Technical investigation
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Conversion Analysis

We frequently help Ecommerce clients with setting up Google Analytics to measure their conversion rates, business-specific requirements and the results of their online marketing.

For some websites, there may be clear initial changes that are essential to improving conversions, and for well performing websites it is usually a matter of continuous improvement.

In the constantly changing environment of the web, it is easy for a well performing Ecommerce site to start slipping behind the competition if left unchecked.

Action points:

  • Work out what actions users might take on your website that count as conversions for your business.
  • Set up Goals in Google Analytics to reflect these actions. You may need to add utm tagging if the goal or conversion includes clicking a specific link that doesn’t end in a unique url.
  • Set up a report that tracks conversions against your goals and wath how traffic, timing, marketing and seasonal events affect your conversion rate. Use this data in future planning and watch your conversion rate grow!

If you need help with the above action points or setting up your Google Analytics account, we can help. Talk to us about specialist advice and reporting for New Zealand Ecommerce businesses targeting more conversions and increased sales.