How do I customise the WooCommerce Email Template?

WooCommerce comes with a standard set of email templates for sending notifications of new orders, customer acknowledgement of their order, and of a completed order.

These emails and their look and function are often crucial parts of the customer interaction that many Ecommerce businesses have.

So they need to look right… and have the right information, right?

Many people have come to us asking things like “Where is the section that you can make changes to the email templates in WooCommerce?” or “How do I add this, remove that, put this part over here…?”

Unfortunately this isn’t a simple thing to do!

Email templates need to be written in code (HTML) and WooCommerce tags.

What do I do to fix it?

The short answer is: most people without a coding background would get this done by their web designer or developer.

WooCommerce is yet to come with a release that allows drag and drop or simple email template changes that can be made without coding knowledge. Some themes have additional email options, like changing the colours and typography.

Here are a few resources you might like to try out if you are comfortable with handling code and file changes (backup everything first!!)

Hopefully future releases will have this built in, as it can be a really important part of the digital marketing picture for your Ecommerce website.