6 most frequently requested SEO tasks

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Help with individual SEO tasks

We help our New Zealand based clients with SEO tasks almost every day. I’ve listed the top 6 most frequently requested jobs here to give you an idea of what others are working on:

  • Competitor SEO Analysis: Research provides a comparison of your website with up to 3 competitors and action points for your website to stand out from the crowd.
  • Keyword research: Research and report provides a list of gold, silver, and bronze level keywords and keyword phrases for your business.
  • HTML alterations: Code and meta data changes throughout your website as/if required. Depending on extent of changes required
  • Backlink research and creation: Provides a list of top quality backlinks for your website, creation of the first 10, and a guide to creating further backlinks for your website.
  • SEO Content audit: Content analysis for SEO with recommendation report (includes Keyword research above). (note that this doesn’t include us making any changes to your website – we will recommend changes and it is then over to you or your website provider to make them).
  • SEO training: Learn how to manage and grow your own SEO.