How your website REALLY ranks in Google

This is a follow up article to our original post: “I’ll never Google again”.

Of course you’ll Google again.  We’re all still doing it.

What it means is that we now need to be a little smarter when we refer to Google rankings and where our website might rank in the search results.

Two points:

  1. You can “de-personalise” your Google results to see where you REALLY rank – this article from SEOMoz explains several ways to turn off personalised results.
  2. Why fight it?  Even if you can find out where you really rank, everyone else on the planet will still vary from this because their results are constantly being personalised.

The reality is that you can no longer claim to have a ranking of “#xx in Google”, nor can anyone claim or guarantee to push your website to a certain point in Google results.  Both of these things are not really possible.

Some hefty parts of my job that we had come to rely on and take as standard – well, they no  longer existed.  But now the dust has settled somewhat, I’ve come to the realisation that we now need to think about search results in a different way:

  • High quality websites with solid SEO thrive in this environment, which is a very good thing for us.
  • Paid Google advertising will also thrive in this environment (good thing? bad thing?)
  • Engagement with customers is highly incentivised – having them as regular visitors to your website will ensure that they come back (partly because Google gives them less choice in going elsewhere).
  • Building a brand and an interested audience (not just pushing sales) is more important than ever.
  • Well rounded SEO – including blogging, social media and cultivating a more integrated web presence are the new keys to success.

Feeling a little mind-blown too?  Share your troubles with us, we completely understand!