I was recently playing with Google’s Our Mobile Planet tool, and put together a graph of mobile usage in different countries. So what did we find?

65% of New Zealanders used their mobile or smartphone to search for products online

This shows us that it’s more important than ever before that:

  • Your website can be found in Google search, and
  • Your website is mobile friendly so at least two thirds of your audience can read and navigate easily.


We chose to compare New Zealand mobile website usage with a range of other countries. It’s quite a neat little graphing tool and you can make a wide range of comparisons with data straight from Google.

NZ websites need to be mobile friendly

This data is from 2013 and mobile internet usage is growing steadily. We’re eagerly awaiting the stats for 2014 to see how the growth of mobile product searching and internet usage is tracking in NZ alongside other countries.

In 2015, all NZ websites should be mobile friendly to make it quick and easy for their customers to do business with them.

If your website was built before 2014, it might be time to invest in a little more responsive design to help out the two thirds of your customers using mobile!

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