Where to focus your Google web marketing: Paid Ads or SEO?

Can I Google you? A little SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) goes a long way towards improving your Google ranking and driving traffic to your website.

Google Search Results

There are two types of results in a Google search – Paid ads and Organic Search results.

To achieve a high placement in these results:

  • Paid ads – the more you are prepared to pay per keyword, the higher you will feature.
  • Search results – the more relevant Google thinks your website is for a keyword, the higher you will feature.

The higher you rank in Google search, the better, as your customers will only search so far before making a decision to visit a website.

Bear in mind that every person’s Google results will appear differently, thanks to Google’s personalisation. A website that sits at #2 when you search may be in a different spot when other people search for the same thing!


Where to focus: Paid ads or Search results?

An aggressive strategy might see you ranking highly in both places, but this isn’t necessary for most businesses. There are pros and cons to each approach:

Paid ads: (also known as Adwords, PPC, or SEM)

  • Highest bids get the top spot – be #1 on Google overnight.
  • An ongoing cost – once you stop paying, your ad is gone.
  • Great for short term campaigns, to drive traffic to sale pages, or to build your database.
  • Ads appear for the keywords you set, and link to one URL on your website.

Search results: (also known as SEO)

  • It takes time and effort to get a high ranking.
  • With a well built, SEO friendly website, it’s harder to lose your position.
  • With basic SEO training, you can maintain/improve your website’s SEO on your own, without cost.
  • Your whole website can be optimised for SEO, so every page is discoverable.
  • Depending on the competitiveness of your industry, it may be suprisingly easy for your website to rank well in Google’s results.

Why do my competition rank higher than me?

With our tools, it’s easy to find out! We can research your competition’s website, marketing and SEO practices to gain insight into:

  • How easy it will be to keep up with, or overtake them
  • Where you might improve your own website and SEO practices to catch up
  • How much it might cost to compete with them in Search Results or Paid Ads

Analyse your competition

  • This service is confidential, and your competitors will not know that this analysis has been done.