Web Design and Marketing: Our Approach

Let’s work together.

Hi we’re SiteSmart Web + Ecommerce, a web agency based New Zealand wide. We’re always hungry for new people and projects to work with, to add to our growing team of happy clients who experience success on the web every day. We’d love to work with you, too. Here’s a bit more about how we operate:

It won’t be perfect first time round.

We’ll work with you to plan your project down to the finer details. We’ll show you drafts and wireframes and mockups. You will like some things and you will want to change other things. We need to know your thoughts as we go along, so please let us know as soon as possible if there is something that needs to be altered.

We’ll work at it until we get it right.

You won’t be left with a half finished project, or a website that doesn’t work. Provided the features are covered in the quote that we both agreed on, we’ll keep working at it until everyone is happy.
You won’t be charged extra – it is part of the project to have a polished, workable solution that everyone is proud of. If you need to add extra features in, we’ll agree on a price and plan with you before we start.

Both parties have important roles to fill.

Our role is to produce web assets – doing the design, build, coding, and marketing side. Your role is to get us words, images, stories, feedback and suggestions. Without enough input from either side, the project will be delayed. If we’re both proud of the project and what we can achieve, we’re guaranteed success.

Web is an ever changing medium.

The world of the internet is changing every minute. Your business will change. Your customers will change. Your competitors will change. So your website and web marketing are sitting on a path of continuous improvement. Your web goals from 6 months ago will not be your web goals of today. We’ll keep in touch to check what is and isn’t working for you, and discuss tweaks and changes that will help meet your upcoming goals.