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Our Approach to Website Design

FOMA.AM - ESTÚDIO FOMA - 55 11 3256.5985 - Estúdio de Design e Coletivo de Artistas - São Paulo - SP - Brazil -_1307412753823We look after the whole process of building your website, from web design, coding, and content management, to testing and going live online.

Website design

We’ll focus on designing a simple, functional and usable website that suits your business – logos, colours and print marketing materials. Whether you’re after a small business website design, or a full scale Ecommerce solution for selling online, we’ll make it happen. Read more about SiteSmart, New Zealand Website Designers.

Building your website

(HTML, code, images, etc)
We use valid, standards based code that plays nicely on all the popular browsers. And yes, it’s all done with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)!

Content Management

We recommend that all websites we build are powered by content management systems (CMS), of which WordPress is our favourite. This means the owner/manager of the website can make most of the day to day changes that might be required, without having to hire a web designer every time. Some changes will still require the skills of a designer or developer, but we like to put as much of your website’s management in your hands as possible.


The SiteSmart web design and development team specialise in all things WordPress. With around 50 million WordPress based websites online worldwide, it is the go-to platform for ease of use, search engine friendliness, range of features, and flexibility of design. We are proud to be New Zealand WordPress Developers, WordPress Designers, and to provide WordPress Training.

Integration with other web apps and services

There are many brilliant web apps and services out there that can add functionality to your website. We’re happy to recommend the best ones and work on integrating them within your website. The good news is that most of them have no license fees, so all you pay for is the time involved in setting them up and making them work with your website. Examples: Google Maps, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Inbound Marketing forms.


SiteSmart websites are all built on a demo server so they can be viewed and tested live, while still under password protection. Our websites are tested in all the popular browsers before deployment.

Going Live

This is the final stage of getting your website online – you’ve signed off on the demo website and are ready to hit “Go”. At this stage we set up any email accounts that are required and install Google Analytics to track your website traffic statistics.

Other related web services:

Domain names and hosting

Along with someone to build the website, every website needs a domain name and a hosting service. Read more about how we can help with domain names and hosting here »

Email signups and newsletters

Also known as email marketing, many website owners ask for a sign up form on their website where they can collect interested people’s details in order to keep in touch with them via an email newsletter.