Why WordPress Websites?

I believe every website could benefit from a little WordPress magic. WordPress is an industry leading website platform, also known as a Content Management System (or CMS).

This means that WordPress website are:

  • Easy for the website owner/manager to update by themselves, at any time
  • Manageable from any computer, any where with internet – there’s no software to buy
  • Quick, flexible and leading edge

Keen to manage your own website? Having a website with a built in content management system (CMS) means that the owner/manager of the website can make most of the day to day changes that might be required, without having to hire/pay a web designer every time.

We recommend that all the websites we build are powered by content management systems, of which WordPress is our favourite. Of course, some changes will still require the skills of a designer or developer (eg layout, functional or design changes), but we like to put as much of your website’s management in your hands as possible.

More about WordPress

WordPress is an internationally acclaimed software application that is flexible enough to cover most business website requirements. It is particularly effective when used as a CMS for information-based websites that are updated frequently, as it’s handling of pages, text, and images is quick and easy. WordPress websites can be easily integrated with blogging and ‘Latest News’ type functions, photo galleries, and social media.

WordPress is open-source software and free of any license fees (meaning you don’t pay for the software, just for the design work and website set up), incredibly well supported and used to power over 50 million websites worldwide.

We provide WordPress Development, WordPress Design and WordPress Training throughout New Zealand.