Two Steps to Digital Marketing Success

Digital marketing can seem like a minefield at times – too complex, too many different channels, and how do they all work together? You may feel like you can never ‘finish’ your digital marketing work, as there is always something more you could be doing.

And in essence, this is right. But not many of us have all day, every day to pour energy into marketing! In fact, even if you did, wouldn’t you be wondering which parts are actually worth it and make a difference?

So to keep things simple, we start with two steps:

  1. Get people to ARRIVE at your website
  2. Get people to take ACTION on your website

It really is as simple as that.

The tricky bit lies in choosing the right tactics to achieve these strategies, taking action to put them into place, the ability to measure performance, and tools to improve your website when you need to.

two stepsOur expertise lies in making this happen for you, and making sure it fits well with your current resources: people, time, and budget.

Your website might already convert traffic steadily into customers, and just need more traffic. Or the opposite might be true: plenty of traffic, but no one is buying.

Once both your plans for ARRIVAL and ACTION are working well, your website will be operating as a well-oiled marketing machine for you and your business.

Action points:

  • Use Analytics to work out what your customers are doing on your website and where they are coming from.
  • Which ones are buying or completing key actions? Which parts of your website are driving traffic away? What parts of your website are stopping people from getting in touch?
  • Consider investing in Adwords or Facebook ads to drive new traffic to your pages, then collect customer contact details.

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