Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short) involves setting up a website to present information in the best possible way to Search Engines (Google, Bing), so that the website ranks well in search results.

  • 75% of people under 65 use Google as their first port of call for finding information about businesses*.
  • 82% of searchers don’t look further than the first page of search results*.
  • Ranking well in search results presents a huge, cost effective marketing opportunity.
  • If your potential customers don’t find you quickly in Google, they will choose one of your competitors who is easier to find.

*Source: Google User Research 2012:,

Websites need reliable SEO

The goal of NZ SEO is getting your website to appear on the first page of Google Search results throughout New Zealand (or your global target market!) for your chosen keywords. But how does it help?

Websites simply don’t show up on the first page in Google Search, unless reliable, ethical SEO techniques have been used.

Many DIY or ‘quick fix’ SEO techniques can be classed as unethical by Google, and lead to pages or entire websites being demoted or blocked from Google Search results.

Unfortunately, many of the more expensive NZ SEO providers use unethical techniques to get impressive results – temporarily. We have helped many clients who have made large SEO investments elsewhere that over time have resulted in a drop in rankings due to the use of unethical or unsustainable techniques.

There is no quick fix or guaranteed way to manipulate search results: ethical, reliable SEO is a must.

Return On Investment from SEO

SEO is critical to a website’s ability to achieve high search rankings and the associated free traffic. 

In addition, quality SEO work provides:

  • Free, ongoing traffic to your website
  • High profile of your website in search results
  • Ongoing lead generation when optimised for the right keywords
  • Reputation management to ensure effective PR coverage

Talk to our NZ SEO Specialists

Our time tested SEO techniques provide straightforward and effective results for our clients.  Clients frequently come to us with a website that ranks several pages back into the search results for their target keywords. In 90% of cases, our work wins clients a stable first page (usually in the top 6) ranking for agreed keyword phrases.

We will let you know how hard it will be to get certain keywords to the first page. Some will be straightforward and others may require many months of hard work from our team and yours.

SEO work usually involves:

  • Analysis of your website AND competitor websites, plus goal setting
  • Business and market analysis to create a set of keyword phrases
  • Content strategy, content creation, PR, and your business expertise
  • Changes on your website: Code based and content based
  • Changes off your website: Social media and Backlinks (links from other websites)
  • Ongoing monitoring, refining and reporting on results

NZ SEO Specialist Contacts

We’d love to discuss your problems, questions, or NZ SEO goals with you. Chat with us about your requirements and we’ll get you a quote.