Social Media is the new word of mouth for many businesses.  Facebook doesn’t suit every business, but if it’s a good fit for your industry, you should be there – your customers already are.

The power of Facebook

Facebook is an entirely unique channel where people go to be informed, entertained and connected to their friends and the rest of the world.

Many of your customers are spending a significant amount of time on Facebook.  They view it as a way to connect with your business on a more personal level:  to find out what your business is really like and make decisions about whether to buy from you.

How do we get started with Social Media?

Many businesses we speak to feel that they should be using Facebook as a marketing tool, but commonly have concerns, such as feeling:

  • Unsure exactly where to start with Facebook marketing.
  • Hesitant about getting it wrong, and doing so publicly.
  • Aware of making a commitment to a new marketing channel, and the time, expertise and expense it may require to maintain.

It’s true that a business presence on Facebook takes dedicated time and effort to maintain.  Fans don’t just show up – they need a reason to Like your Page, further reasons to keep coming back, and even more reasons to share your content with their friends.

Facebook management assistance

To relieve the pressure of the constant need for content and engagement, we provide a range of services:

  • Facebook marketing strategy and pointers.
  • Posting and engagement plan, so you know what needs to be created and discussed each week.
  • Private one-on-one training sessions to introduce or improve on Facebook management.
  • Professional Facebook Page set up and integration with your website, email and other marketing channels.
  • Ongoing Facebook Page management (posting and engagement with your audience).


Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is a sophisticated, highly targetable and cost effective ad option for many businesses.

We are experienced in planning, running and monitoring Facebook Ad campaigns, both in New Zealand and for a global audience.

Highly Targeted Campaigns

The types of different ad available and the options with which they can be run are numerous and change frequently – Facebook ad options include:

  • Advertise your Page, a specific post, your own App, or an external URL
  • Highly specific targeting – City, Gender, Age range, Interests, Workplace
  • Advertise only to people who do or don’t already Like your page; or to people whose friends Like your page.
  • Advertise only to people who Like your competitors Pages.
  • Split testing and segmentation to test out optimum ad combinations.


Facebook Monitoring and Reporting

Along with the extensive campaign customisations available, Facebook provides in-depth reporting on ad performance, highlighting impressions, clicks, CTR, and social actions.

We use your marketing KPIs to monitor and report back on ad performance, resulting actions and social actions, and changes recommended going forward.