How much does a website cost in New Zealand?

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Please note that this article has been updated for 2017. Read our updated Website Costs article.

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Costs for website design and development in NZ vary widely. We try to give you a rough idea on our Rate Card, but of course a full quote is the best way to work out what you’ll pay.

WordPress Website Costs in NZ

Please see our current prices and packages, updated for 2017.

What is actually included in the price?

It’s important to work out exactly what is, and isn’t included in your website project before you start. If you assumed something was part of the deal and your web designer hasn’t specified it, then you could be in for extra charges when you need that work carried out.

Some platforms, software and technologies used in NZ for web design require licence fees. This means that you pay a premium to use them, or you pay your web developer more because they have to pay for an expensive licence.

We choose WordPress websites which are industry standard open source to help keep website costs down for our clients.

WordPress Hosting and domains

Our monthly fee covers security, hosting, content management system, email support and technical upgrades. This usually ranges from $15 – $40 per month (+GST) depending on the requirements of your website.

You will need a domain name for your website. If you don’t already have one, we an arrange it for you. Domain names usually cost between $30 – $50 per year.

No locked-in contracts

Unlike in-house developed systems and CMSs, our work is based on open source WordPress. This means you don’t pay license fees that many in-house systems require. You can also take your website to any web designer in future and have them make changes for you as WordPress is a globally supported system. If you want to move to a different web design company at any time – you can, and you can take your website with you.