WordPress Web Design Quotes

If you’re in the market for a new or updated website, chances are the first step you will take after jotting down your ideas and specifications is to approach a range of businesses to get a WordPress Web Design Quote.

what is inbound marketingWe’ll get in quick here and let you know that we’d love to quote on your project.

You can get started by contacting us for a free quote and project proposal.

Our Guide to Reviewing a WordPress Web Design Quote

If you’re shopping around, we’ve made a list of the top things we think you should see in a quote, along with a few items to check out to make sure you’ll be getting exactly what you wanted.

A solid quote is usually accompanied by a proposal or an extra level of project detail.

Your WordPress quote should help you to do the following:

Define the problem. What’s wrong, broken, requires an update, or needs fixing? If it’s a redesign, map out why the site is being revised. If it’s a new website – what is the overall goal?

Outline a solution. How will the website address your problem? You’d expect an overview here and hopefully a few technical details to help you compare apples with apples.

Outline the approach. What approach does your provider intend to take? Are they focussed on the technical aspects, or the design? Will they use data or competitor information to inform your plans? Do you get a feeling that they have a clear vision to move forward? Have they accounted for all the factors that you need covered?

Clarify the deliverables. This could describe exactly what you will receive, in what format, and how many revisions/changes are provided. What is the finished project? What will be provided along the way? Are there specific timeframes that must be met? This is the most important section of any WordPress Web Design Quote.

wordpress web design quote
Set a timeframe. Can you pencil in a start date? If not, roughly how long will the project be expected to take? Are there any deadlines that must be met?

Define the Terms and Conditions. There should be a specific set of terms and conditions that your website developer operates by. This may include rights, responsibilities, payment terms, ownership, warranties, fees. Make sure you feel comfortable with these terms and conditions. Some providers’ WordPress web design packages require you to commit to high monthly fees and even though the software is open source, they may require additional fees if you wish to move to a new provider.

Feel confident in your choice of provider. Does the provider have insurance? Do they provide any kind of warranty or guarantee of their skills and services? What are your options if you’re not happy with their work?

Get specific. Every project is different, but here are some items to be aware of in a WordPress web design or development quote. Are these included in the price? Do you need them? Why? If you don’t want/need them now, can you add them in future if required?

Check the specs:

  • Content loading, creation or editing
  • Logo or graphic design
  • Email newsletter sign up and which email newsletter system to use
  • Does this include creating a branded HTML email template
  • Search Engine Optimisation – is any provided? Just the basiscs? A DIY plugin?
  • How will a redesign be managed so as not to disrupt existing SEO and Google rankings?
  • Advanced SEO – what happens if you need it?
  • Social media account integration
  • Sign up forms, contact forms
  • Google Analytics and tagging key goal conversions
  • Blog – is it included and optimised for SEO?
  • Ecommerce – do you need to take payments, sell products, or manage bookings on your website?
  • Security – what security features will be put in place? What backup systems exist so that you can get your website back if something goes wrong?
  • Site speed – will any features be put in place to enhance website speed?
  • Mobile responsiveness – this should be standard on any new website now but it pays to double check exactly what you’ll be getting.
  • What kind of hosting will you get? What happens if your website outgrows your hosting or traffic allowance?
  • How will ongoing updates be managed? WordPress is updated frequently and your theme and any plugins used will also need to be updated. It’s always best to get your WordPress provider to manage these in case something breaks. How will this work be billed?

Take the next steps. A solid WordPress web design quote should outline what you’ll need to do next. Do you need to book a meeting? Pay a deposit? Fill out some forms? Reply in writing? Book in your project start date? What if you have more questions?

Is there anything we’ve missed here? What features make a quote stand out to you? Are there things you think that are missing on WordPress web design quotes? Do they leave you with questions? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Email us or drop a line here to let us know.

How much does a website cost in NZ? 2017 Update

What does a website cost these days in New Zealand? Costs for website design and development in NZ can vary widely. A lot of web design companies will respond with a “how long is a piece of string?” type of answer, but we’d like to give you some specifics!

WordPress Website Costs in NZ
While it’s true that websites can range from the very affordable (even free!) to hundreds of thousands of dollars, our research has found that most WordPress based websites will sit in the $700 – $5,000 range.

A heavily customised WordPress website will cost more. Basically, the more features you add, the higher the costs will be. Adding Ecommerce features, making big changes to a theme or adding a lot of plugins can double or triple the cost of a basic website.

We are finding that a lot of people would just like a basic web presence, that they can add to later on, when time and budget allows. But for them, the most important thing is to just get started. We agree! There are many reasons that just getting started is the best idea (SEO included), so we’ve tried to make it easy.

Our WordPress Website Costs
Get our current Rate Card. Enter your email below and we will immediately send you our current Rate Card for our Packages:


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What else is included in the website cost?
Please read the details of each package above to see what is included in the website cost given.

It’s important to work out exactly what is, and isn’t included in your website cost before you start. If you assumed something was part of the deal and your web designer hasn’t specified it, then you could be in for extra charges when you need that work carried out.

Some platforms, software and technologies used in NZ for web design require licence fees. This means that you pay a premium to use them, or you pay your web developer more because they have to pay for an expensive licence.

We choose WordPress websites which are industry standard open source to help keep website costs down for our clients.

No locked-in contracts

Unlike in-house developed systems and CMSs, our work is based on open source WordPress. This means you don’t pay license fees that many in-house systems require. You can also take your website to any web designer in future and have them make changes for you as WordPress is a globally supported system. If you want to move to a different web design company at any time – you can, and you can take your website with you.

What is not included in the website cost?
WordPress Hosting and domains

Hosting is required to connect your website to the internet. This usually ranges from $10 – $40 per month (+GST) depending on the requirements of your website. We can help you choose a hosting company that best fits your needs.

You will also need a domain name for your website. If you don’t already have one, we can arrange it for you. Domain names usually cost between $30 – $50 per year.

Stock photos or graphics

If you need to purchase stock photos, graphics or videos for your website, these will be charged for on top of the website cost.

Purchasing plugins or third party software

Some plugins and software add-ons are free, but many come with an additional cost. Keep this in mind if there is a specific plugin or type of functionality you wish to achieve.

Should you use WordPress.org or WordPress.com?

What’s the difference between the two WordPress options anyway? Well there’s a big difference and there are pros and cons whichever one you pick! We’ve put together a summary of the main differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com for you below.

Remember that you can switch from WordPress.com to WordPress.org without losing your blog – but you do need to do it carefully!

What is WordPress.org?

This is also called Self Hosted WordPress, because to use it, you need to have your own hosting account with all the WordPress files and database stored on it. This can require some technical knowledge, however many hosting companies are making this easier and easier to achieve if you want to DIY and you’re not into the tech side of things.

This means:

  • your WordPress website is under your control and you can manage the hosting yourself
  • you can add plugins to your website
  • you can add Ecommerce modules (like WooCommerce)
  • you can add any theme you like and even create a custom theme for your website
  • and basically you (or your developer) has full control over adding, fixing and changing things on your website.

The cons are:

  • you need to keep an eye on all the hosting, updates and plugins yourself
  • you need to be running backups in case something goes wrong
  • you’re responsible for any problems that arise with your website
  • so all up – you’ll need a bit of tech knowledge, or you’ll need to work with a developer know knows their way around WordPress.

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is a basic version of the WordPress software, and it includes hosting your website.  This is great for getting started, or for if you don’t like to dabble in the techy or coding side of things, but want to get set up quickly, easily and for free.

It’s not entirely free though because as soon as you want to add or improve functionality, you’ll need to move to a paid plan and these can get expensive pretty quickly.

Many bloggers find that WordPress.com is a great place to start out and grow their fledgling blog, but they will get to a point where they need more control, more options and more features – that’s when they switch to WordPress.org and a fully customised blog.  Or if they want to start selling things, creating membership areas, or building new ways of engaging with the blogging audience – that’s the time to switch too.

What you get with WordPress.com:

  • quick and easy set up
  • free for basic features
  • a large community of people helping for free int he forums
  • hosting and security is all covered for you

The cons are:

  • you can only choose from one of a few themes and they can’t be customised
  • no plugins
  • no Ecommerce
  • no membership areas, digital downloads, or advanced features
  • expensive to get more features
  • limited options for your blog
  • doesn’t work well as a regular website as it’s designed for blogging

How do I choose between them?

Hopefully the info above combined with a few Google searches will help you decide what’s best for you.  Think about your budget, the stage your blog or business is at, how tech-savvy are you (or do you want to be)?

  • If you’re just starting out with a blog, with no budget and no tech knowledge – then WordPress.com is definitely the one for you!
  • If you need certain features, plugins, Ecommerce, memberships, or a particular look and feel for your brand, then WordPress.org is your only option.
  • Remember that you can switch from WordPress.com to WordPress.org at any stage – as long as you approach it carefully, you won’t be at risk of losing your hard work.


How to set up your WordPress Blog SEO

Have you set up your WordPress Blog SEO yet? Is your blog getting found in Google search? You might wonder how other blogs come up top in the search results and yours doesn’t – what you need is some SEO for your blog.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. To get it right really takes a lot of work – people don’t get ranked well in search results by accident! It is the product of knowing what to do and getting it done right. It’s a huge field to cover, so we’ll just give a quick overview here and focus on the three main things you need to do to set up your blog SEO.

If you’re interested in learning more and really taking your blog SEO to the next level, then you might like to download our SEO 101 checklist, or join our SEO Bootcamp.

WordPress SEO basics
Now WordPress as a blogging platform is already set up well for SEO. But there are technical things that need to be in place and all themes are unfortunately not built the same from an SEO point of view. Here are a few things to start with:

Site Title (Go to Settings > General > Site Title) needs to contain your keywords, not just the name of your business. But it can’t be too long or spammy – make sure it is readable and makes sense to people, as well as containing one or two keywords about what you do.
Permalinks (Go to Settings > Permalinks) should use Post name or even better, use this custom structure: /%category%/%postname%/, make sure you save and check that everything is working well after doing this.
Search Engine Visibility (Go to Settings > Reading) make sure this box is NOT CHECKED – otherwise it will discourage Google from ranking your website.
An <h1> tag on the home page that uses your keywords. This may come with your theme, but if not – you might be able to add an <h1> tag using the page editor. If you’re not sure how to check for tags, right click on your home page and choose ‘View source’. Look through the code for a title with the code <h1> </h1> around it. There should be only one on the page and it should be the main title AND use your keywords.
There are hundreds of other items to check in a full SEO audit of your website, but these will get you started!
WordPress SEO Plugin
While there are many SEO plugins out there for WordPress, the best one to choose is by Yoast. Are you using it yet? (Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and look for Yoast SEO).

Go through the set up steps and then use the traffic light system to check EVERY blog post and page on your website and improve as many of the items as you can. Sometimes it’s just about ensuring that you have the right keywords in the right places, other times it might be that you’ve forgotten to add alt text to each of your images. Yoast SEO plugin will find them all!

Also – make sure that you set up the Meta description for each post. This doesn’t influence SEO, but it is the FIRST THING people see when they see your site in a Google search result. So make sure it’s something that tells them about the page or post and why they need to read it! To find it, scroll to the bottom of the post, click “Edit snippet” in the SEO section and write a custom Meta Description. You can also edit the SEO title here – make sure it includes your keywords!

Using the right keywords in your blog posts
I’ve already mentioned keywords a few times and chances are, you’ll already know how important they are. But you may not have had the chance to think them through or to make sure that they’re appearing int he right places on your website or blog.

Keywords are the words that describe what you do – this mean the words that you want people to use when they search to find YOU! Sometimes this includes your brand name, but often it will include more generic words that tell people about what your website is about.

The trick with keywords is not to make them too broad. If you sell kids clothes, think about how many thousands of website in the world that also sell kids clothes! So using the keywords ‘kids clothes’ might see you lost in a sea of other websites, never to make it to page one. What you need is to think specifically about the terms your customers will be using and try to build those into your keywords. So you might choose ‘kids clothes nz’ or ‘hand made kids clothes’ to distinguish what you’re offering.

Start with a list of AT LEAST 20 keywords. See what comes up when you search for them. Can you find your website? You might need to go back a few pages… If they’re too generic, cross them off the list and start with some more.

Now you have a list, you need to make sure that you have one page or post on your website or blog that focuses on EACH of your keywords. Focus on one keyword per page or post. This might mean that you need to write new pages or posts just to accommodate a keyword. Go ahead and do it! Use the Yoast SEO plugin to grade each page and post for it’s keyword and make the suggested changes – see if you can get all the traffic lights to go green!

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NZ WordPress Training

WordPress training can help you to learn faster, more effective ways of managing your website.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a frequent user looking to streamline your work, WordPress training can help.

  • WordPress SEO – learn WordPress SEO features and best practices
  • WordPress 101 – learn the basics of the WordPress platform
  • WordPress for bloggers – streamline your blogging work with handy tips
  • Custom WordPress – we’ll tackle specific issues that you face every day
  • Plugin Training – a closer look into the plugins you’re using to help get the most out of them
  • Advanced WordPress – customised training for WordPress power users

Our one-on-one training sessions are hosted by phone or Skype.  For groups of 8 or more participants, we can travel to your location to deliver a 3 hour workshop.

  • wordpress seo training

    WordPress SEO Training

    $125.00 inc GST

  • WordPress Training: One hour

    $125.00 inc GST

    $125.00 Inc GSTAdd To Cart

When you book in for training with us, we’re only a phone call away and will take you through any aspect of WordPress that you need to learn about – in an easy to follow, stress-free manner.

Confidently ask us all of your queries – don’t be afraid of silly questions – they are usually the best!

WordPress Websites

Our WordPress Websites come in a range of options:

budget wordpress website theme

WordPress website, using a pre-designed theme

Choose your favourite theme and we will install it onto a new WordPress website for you.  Most clients ask us to customise a few things, set up colours, logos, images, set up a blog and up to 5 pages to get them started.

custom wordpress website nz

WordPress website, with a custom built theme

Custom designed websites and custom built functionality using the WordPress platform. We will design and develop your website to fit your brief. Big or small WordPress projects: we can customise themes, plugins, or start from scratch.

wordpress help nz

WordPress help by the hour

Hire us by the hour or ask for a fixed price quote to get your job done.
We can help with content loading, coding, customising your theme, new features, plugins and troubleshooting for new or existing websites.
Get WordPress help from $60/hour +GST

New Zealand WordPress Specialists

How can we help?

nz wordpress consulting

Need help with WordPress?

Hire us by the hour to help with content or coding.  NZ WordPress specialists from $60/hour +GST


install wordpress nz

A New WordPress Website

Get started with WordPress and choose from a pre-designed theme, a customised theme, or a DIY install.


wordpress training nz

WordPress Training and Courses

Learn WordPress and SEO for NZ.
Choose one-on-one WordPress training or a self-paced course.

We specialise in

WordPress Design & Development

Our specialist WordPress developers can upgrade, fix, or add features to your site or redesign it to be responsive and mobile friendly.

NZ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our professional, hands-on, ethical SEO experience will promote your website in Google Search. SEO audits, advice, and DIY training.

Training and courses in WordPress & SEO

Training sessions help get the most out of your website, blog or online shop. Delivered one-on-one or self paced by NZ WordPress specialists.

Why work with SiteSmart?

wordpress remote nzWork Remotely
Work remotely with our friendly NZ based team, regardless of your location.

wordpress quotesFixed Price Quotes
No surprise invoices or hidden costs. Fixed price quotes so you know what to budget for.

wordpress developer aucklandWordPress Expertise
Make use of our WordPress experience to get the job done.

Vape Shop NZ – A Place to Get Smoked Fish Flavours


While the physical Vape Shop has closed its doors for the time being, it’s still a delight to visit and try out the vaporizers and other merchandise. In fact, there are so many new products in the market that even those who haven’t been keeping up with the latest trends can find something of interest. And you can also now get all the services from your local Vapor Shop such as advice on which specific products will be good for you, delivery and even after sales service.

The Vapor Shop NZ is one of the most popular places to go to. The friendly ambiance, the knowledgeable staff and of course, the various options and merchandise always make it a great experience. So if you’re looking to buy vapour equipment, you might want to consider visiting the Vapor Shop NZ.

The vaporizers and other merchandise at Vapor Shop NZ have everything you need to start enjoying an electronic cigarette experience. If you’ve tried smoking with traditional cigarettes but they made you cough, then you’ll find what Vapor Shop NZ has to offer is exactly what you need. You can choose from a wide array of electronic products that can give you the perfect smoking experience without causing harm to your body. They also offer a great variety that will make sure you find the product that’s best suited for you.

The Vapor Shop is located in the central city in Wellington, New Zealand. There is a wide selection of specialty shops scattered throughout the city. For example, you will not only find the Vapor Shop but also The Big Easy Vapor Bar, Cool Mist Cafe, Blue Carafe Coffee, Vapor Chef, Cravings Confectionery and so many more. If you love coffee, then you can experience all of the different beverages offered at the Vapor Shop. It’s also where you can enjoy your meals and purchase anything from sandwiches, muffins, tea to doughnuts and much more. The shop offers a wide range of items that you can find enticing and tempting.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you are guaranteed to get the worth of your money when you visit the Vapor Shop. The friendly ambiance, friendly salesperson and the variety of products they have to offer will make your experience an unforgettable one. Some of their more popular products include the Vape Melaleuca, the Melaleuca Hydramarine and the Melaleuca Platinum. You will also find e-juice, gum, lotions, sprays, creamers and other merchandise that will add flavor to your lifestyle.

Most customers come in for an introductory tasting only and then decide if they want to continue with their subscription. In this way, the shop provides additional profits to keep the doors open. The friendly, helpful staff is always ready to answer questions and assist customers with their selections. You might find yourself browsing the Internet before actually making your selection. Their Internet section allows customers to find reviews, prices and even links to their catalogs.

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Why Should I Choose Hamilton, New Zealand for Car Wreckers?


Cash For Cars Hamilton, cash for car repairs is the most excellent in the area. You could sell your scrap vehicle to them without any hassle. They quote you a price considering the make, year, model, brand and condition of your vehicle.

This service is offered by specialized car wreckers Hamilton that is entrusted with the repairing of your damaged car. They quote a fair price based on the condition, size and type of your vehicle. The majority of their vehicles are customized to get the best out of your vehicle so as to make it look great. There is a wide variety of vehicles, they are able to take including sports cars, racing vehicles, high performance vehicles, classic cars and many more types.

Most of the car wreckers Hamilton offers money for car parts that are used in your cars. These include used engine parts that are still in perfect working condition. They also provide you with car wrecker parts for those damaged cars that need to be scrapped. Scrappers often have no other choice but to give up their salvaged cars because of their poor condition.

They have an eco-friendly approach for recycling by using the latest technologies in auto body repair and collision repair. With their state-of-the-art tools and high-tech equipment, they are able to fix all kinds of damaged cars that you may have in your garage or side yard. Their technicians are able to make your car look like brand new again. This is a very cost effective way of making your old cars look better than ever. Most of these car wreckers Hamilton use new technology for the old cars to make them look better and to maximize safety.

To top it off, there are also some nice benefits for your vehicle from the top ranked car wreckers Hamilton. Through the Cash For Car Parts program, you can receive instant cash paid for your damaged or salvage vehicle through the repair department. The repair department at Hamilton will send an authorized representative to assess your vehicle and determine the best solution to get rid of your old car. You will then receive the appropriate amount of money in the form of a cashier’s check.

In addition, the company also specializes in Waikato Region. They have a fleet of trucks and vans, which carry out different kinds of duties in the Waikato Region. The company has a number of different kinds of trucks including big trucks to carry large loads of cement in bulk. In addition, they also have some 4WD vans available for loading and unloading materials. These four wheelers can help you move heavy materials from place to place in the Waikato Region.

Apart from all these kinds of trucks and vans, the Hamilton used auto parts factory also produces some specialty types of used auto parts. Some of the popular categories include marine components, industrial automotive components, off-road parts and many more. This factory produces all kinds of truck and van parts used for different kinds of commercial and personal purposes.

If you have any problems with your car or other vehicle, you can always seek the assistance of Hamilton, New Zealand. The company offers a variety of services including classic car removal, vehicle recovery and mobile detailing. However, if you hire any of their commercial vehicles, you will not be charged with any removal fees. Therefore, you can enjoy a clean and trouble-free life at all times. So, if you need a safe, quick and easy way to remove all kinds of damage from your vehicles, choose Hamilton, New Zealand.

Villa Renovation – Considerations


When it comes to choosing the best professional for your villa renovation in Auckland, there are a number of key factors you need to consider. Your chosen builders must have an excellent reputation for building custom homes. They should also be able to offer you a varied range of designs and styles that will best suit your unique needs and tastes. These builders should have the skill and expertise to complete your project from start to finish.

With extensive industry experience, possess seen and experienced most of the common problems and difficulties that could arise with villa & bungalows renovation projects, which means will have knowledge and experience to ensure that you receive the ideal villa or private bungalow of your dreams – without breaking your budget. Professionals will have the skills and knowledge to utilise their design skills to create a stylish, attractive and functional custom home that will meet your requirements perfectly. This also ensures that you will get value for money through the duration of the overall project, as your design should be easy to implement and use throughout the construction process. The professionals should also have the ability to work with a variety of different trades to ensure they give you a varied range of designs to choose from and a great finish that works well with the surrounding area and home materials.

In addition to this, it is important that the firm/contractor you hire have the necessary accreditations and approvals to carry out work in your area. These companies will typically not just be accredited by the Ministry of Building Industry (MBI) but also by the council of any district in which they operate. The MBI provides a register of approved contractors that you can search online. You can then contact the contractors directly to ask them what their current status is. If they are not in a list of approved contractors, you could go onto Google and find a company suitable that could provide you with a great deal of value for money.

The condition of the property – both inside & out – should be given some careful consideration. The best awnings to look for are – not only made of high quality materials, but also manufactured to a very high standard. This means that the awnings will stand the test of time, offering you years of use and enjoyment. It also means that you will not have to replace them year after year, as with cheaper models. It is best to choose a high quality awning with an impressive track record, as this shows it is likely to last the length of your ownership.

The location of the work itself needs to be considered carefully. The best possible location will offer you both privacy and shelter and will not be in direct sunlight or otherwise obtrusive. Your chosen design should be in keeping with the area around it, so that if the sun comes in, you will have a warm cosy feel close by. If you are near water, you may even consider a deck or balcony which offers you additional space and shelter from the elements.

The cost – or lack of cost – of the work should also be considered. The more complex the design, the more you will expect to pay. It is always best to start by having an idea of how much you can spend, and then work out how much it would cost to fit everything. You might even want to contact a builder to find out what their experience really is. They will know the cheapest prices for the services you require.

Consider the contractor – and the design they can deliver. It may be better to choose a builder that has several years’ experience, rather than one just starting out. Experience also brings with it a wealth of knowledge about what works best for different buildings and what sort of budget is available – so that you can make informed choices.

Another thing to consider is the location of the work. You might want to situate your new awnings in an area where there is sufficient light and natural vegetation to help create the right ambiance. It is also a good idea to choose a location where you can enjoy all your hard work in the privacy of your own property. You don’t want to be bothered by neighbours, or the hassle of walking to and fro.