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While smartphones make it easier than ever to use GPS apps while driving, using them hands-free can be dangerous. A car phone holder can help prevent accidents while also giving you easy access to music and podcasts.

A good holder can be simple to set up and secure enough not to fall off your car dash. It might not work with thick cases, but it should be adjustable enough to give you a clear view of your screen.


While it’s usually illegal in most states to hold a phone in hand while driving, car mounts offer an easy way to keep a safe distance from the screen. Many of our favorites attach to the windshield using a suction cup or clip. Others are designed to sit on the dashboard or fit into air vents, which can be less likely to block your view.

The Belkin vent mount we recommend is a great option because it works on both the dash and the windshield and comes with a cable clip that lets you keep your charge going. It also has a low profile that doesn’t get in the way of the driver’s view or impede on the car’s ability to pass a safety inspection.

The Quad Lock system is another solid choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, adjustable windshield mount that can also attach to the dashboard or vents. Customers love its stability and how well it secures phones of varying sizes.


A phone holder mount should hold your smartphone in place so you can easily use it on the go. It should also not obstruct your field of vision or come off when you need to grab your change or parking pass. Whether you need a simple clip that slips onto your vent or something more sturdy that attaches to the dashboard is up to you.

A windshield-mounted holder may be the most convenient but can block your view of the road and is illegal in some states. A dashboard-mounted option gives you a similar result, while allowing you to easily adjust the angle of your phone.

A cup-holder mount like the Topgo provides you with a safe and handy way to keep your phone in sight, without blocking your windshield or vents. It comes with attachments to fit different-sized cup holders and its gooseneck allows for various viewing angles.


Car phone holders designed for the vent of a car prop up mobile devices in an optimum viewing position, ideal for hands-free calls, music streaming and navigation apps. They can also rotate to accommodate either portrait or landscape mode, letting you adjust the screen for easy viewing and use. Some models feature a cable holder for charging your smartphone while it’s mounted.

Chief Technologist of the Good Housekeeping Institute, Rachel Rothman, tested this simple vent clip mount and says it’s a solid pick for anyone who wants to keep things simple while driving. Its hook design stretches across a wide range of vent blade widths and a magnetic head securely holds most phones. It can even hold a MacBook Air with its MagSafe charger attached.

The growing requirement for convenience and affordability, as well as a rise in safety awareness among consumers, are some of the key factors boosting the market growth. Additionally, low interest rates are directly influencing car sales which in turn, is driving the demand for car phone holders.

Cup Holder

There’s a growing market for car phone holders that can double as heated cup holders. This allows drivers to have a hot drink on the left for themselves and a cold one on the right for their passengers.

The Vicseed magnetic car phone holder mount is a simple and cheap solution to hold your smartphone while driving. It uses 20 magnets to keep your phone in place and comes with a car dashboard mounting strip that fits most consoles. It’s also compatible with MagSafe cases.

The Topgo cup holder phone mount is an easy way to avoid losing air vents and keeping your phone off the dash. Its base has attachments that help it fit snugly into different sized cup holders. It’s a bit harder to adjust than some of the other mounts we tested, but it should be secure enough for most people. It’s one of the most affordable options on our list. Unlike some other models, it’s also completely free of suction cups and sticky plastic.

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