How much does a website cost in NZ? 2017 Update

What does a website cost these days in New Zealand? Costs for website design and development in NZ can vary widely. A lot of web design companies will respond with a “how long is a piece of string?” type of answer, but we’d like to give you some specifics!

WordPress Website Costs in NZ
While it’s true that websites can range from the very affordable (even free!) to hundreds of thousands of dollars, our research has found that most WordPress based websites will sit in the $700 – $5,000 range.

A heavily customised WordPress website will cost more. Basically, the more features you add, the higher the costs will be. Adding Ecommerce features, making big changes to a theme or adding a lot of plugins can double or triple the cost of a basic website.

We are finding that a lot of people would just like a basic web presence, that they can add to later on, when time and budget allows. But for them, the most important thing is to just get started. We agree! There are many reasons that just getting started is the best idea (SEO included), so we’ve tried to make it easy.

Our WordPress Website Costs
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What else is included in the website cost?
Please read the details of each package above to see what is included in the website cost given.

It’s important to work out exactly what is, and isn’t included in your website cost before you start. If you assumed something was part of the deal and your web designer hasn’t specified it, then you could be in for extra charges when you need that work carried out.

Some platforms, software and technologies used in NZ for web design require licence fees. This means that you pay a premium to use them, or you pay your web developer more because they have to pay for an expensive licence.

We choose WordPress websites which are industry standard open source to help keep website costs down for our clients.

No locked-in contracts

Unlike in-house developed systems and CMSs, our work is based on open source WordPress. This means you don’t pay license fees that many in-house systems require. You can also take your website to any web designer in future and have them make changes for you as WordPress is a globally supported system. If you want to move to a different web design company at any time – you can, and you can take your website with you.

What is not included in the website cost?
WordPress Hosting and domains

Hosting is required to connect your website to the internet. This usually ranges from $10 – $40 per month (+GST) depending on the requirements of your website. We can help you choose a hosting company that best fits your needs.

You will also need a domain name for your website. If you don’t already have one, we can arrange it for you. Domain names usually cost between $30 – $50 per year.

Stock photos or graphics

If you need to purchase stock photos, graphics or videos for your website, these will be charged for on top of the website cost.

Purchasing plugins or third party software

Some plugins and software add-ons are free, but many come with an additional cost. Keep this in mind if there is a specific plugin or type of functionality you wish to achieve.

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