Late Night Delivery Restaurants in Auckland

If you’re famished after a late night out, or you just want a break from the typical dinner-time menu, there are Auckland restaurants that serve food until and beyond midnight.

Whether you’re after sushi, Asian food or burgers, these restaurants will keep you well fed. You can even indulge in a little wine tasting along the way!

Hell Pizza

Hell Pizza is one of the most popular late night delivery Auckland services. They’ve been around since 1996, and have a large chain of restaurants throughout New Zealand. They offer a wide variety of pizzas, pastas and salads.

They also have some great vegan options including vegan nuggets and sorbet. Their meat is sourced from free range farms, which they’ve been independently audited to meet international animal welfare standards.

To encourage consumers to use their online ordering service, Hell created a viral video that combined a clever video and a wacky mascot to create a fun way for people to order. Customers were able to watch the video on their mobile phone, while they were ordering a pizza.

A good late night pizza can be hard to find, especially if you live in an area with limited options. Hell Pizza is one of the best places to get a quality pizza that will be delivered to your door in no time.

Asian Kitchen

If you’re after something a bit different from the standard late night eateries around Dominion Road, this is the place to go. Asian Kitchen has a range of dumplings and other street foods for you to indulge in and their service is top notch.

The restaurant also offers a selection of authentic Japanese cuisine from its restaurant up until midnight and the yakitori skewers are served with sake or Japanese beer. It’s a great place to go for a late night meal before heading out on the town!

Deliver Easy is a food delivery app that started out in Wellington and is now available in Auckland, New Zealand. It delivers from a wide range of restaurants, with delivery starting at $6. You can use it for a quick eat or even place a pre-order to get those favourite fried dumplings delivered right to your door! The app is free and the service works quickly. We recommend downloading it and checking out some of the restaurants they have to offer!

Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries is an ethical fast food restaurant in trendy Snickel Lane that offers burgers, old-fashioned shakes and really cold beers. Their menu also includes vegan burgers, fries (chips), hot dogs, nuggets and onion rings.

It’s the first ethical fast food outlet in New Zealand to open, according to company co-founder Mark Koronczyk. He said there were no ethical fast food outlets in the country, so he wanted to tap into key consumer trends.

While it may look like the burgers, fries and nuggets contain meat, they’re actually all made from soy. The vegetarian burgers, which include the Fakin’ Bacon burger, taste a lot closer to their meaty counterparts than you might think.

The restaurant, which started in Australia, has a mission to change the world for the better by assisting with the transition to a plant-based diet. It has stores across Australia and will open in Christchurch this Friday, with free fries to celebrate the opening.

Proper Pizza

A late night delivery Auckland service has arrived in the form of Proper Pizza. This restaurant, found on O’Connell Street, isn’t your average greasy spoon and their wood fired creations are a cut above the rest. Aside from their impressive wine list, you won’t find a better way to spend your cash than by ordering up one of NZ’s largest pizzas. You’ll be surprised by the quality of their ingredients and the craftsmanship of their artisanal toppings. If you have a sweet tooth, you may even want to try their apple crumble pizza. A smorgasbord of pizza types is available for a small fee, so you’ll have no trouble finding the fav amongst your crew. Those with a more discerning palate will enjoy the likes of their more traditional offerings such as margherita or classic beef. They even have a special menu for gluten free and vegans! They are open until 5am. Best of all, you can’t beat the price.

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