Real Sex Dolls Aren’t Just For Sex

Real sex dolls aren’t just for sex. Full-body dolls are great companions and can help combat loneliness in certain individuals. They also offer a risk-free way to try new experiences.

When Ryan Gosling romanced a doll in Lars and the Real Girl, it made headlines. But sex doll users are still a reclusive group that feels stigmatized by society.


There’s no question that sexual gratification is the main reason people buy dolls, but they also serve as companions, staving off loneliness for single men and women and those with physical or mental ailments. Many sex doll users even consider their dolls partners, building bonds with them regularly and often sharing intimate experiences.

Most dolls come with a base model that’s designed to resemble a particular body type. However, some companies offer upgrades to add more realism. This can include a variety of paint jobs, freckles and scars, and internal heating systems to mimic body heat.

For those who are able to spend the extra money, it’s possible to have a custom sculpture created from scratch. This is a highly personalized option that can take much longer, but the result is an entirely unique doll.


Unlike the common perception that sex dolls are just for sexual gratification, there is a significant portion of their user base that use them as an intimate companion. Couples comprise a large doll demographic as do single men and women, disabled individuals and those who cannot meet their sexual demands through other means.

The most common material used for sex dolls is TPE, short for thermoplastic elastomer, which looks very realistic and feels soft to the touch. It is less expensive than silicone and is odorless and hypoallergenic.

More high-end dolls are created from silicone, a medical grade rubber that can be sculpted to look like the body of your choice. This makes them more lifelike and can feature scars, tattoos, freckles, hand implanted hair all over the body, piercings and much more. These dolls are usually custom made, requiring time periods of production to hand pour, sculpt and paint them.


The head is the most arousing part of any sex doll. It’s made of pliable and flexible material like TPE or silicone that can be bent into all kinds of positions to please you.

Some sex doll heads feel as real as you can imagine, while others are a little more fake. You can upgrade the realism of your doll with different paint jobs, freckles and scars, or even implanted human hair.

You can also find heads with a wide variety of mouth sizes and textures. For example, the DS Doll Kathy is an open-mouthed beauty that’s ready for all your naughty oral adventures. She also features a ridged and textured inner canal to lick every inch of your cock.


Despite the stigma, realistic sex dolls are changing the landscape of intimacy. The growing popularity of these lifelike creations, coupled with advances in AI technology, is reshaping our perceptions of intimate relationships and sexual expression.

A sex doll comes with a realistic anatomical body, including a flexible skeleton and vagina. Some manufacturers offer a choice of skin tone, as well as a range of body shapes, including slim, fat, and pregnant models. Some also have options for hair (usually a wig that can be changed or human hair implants), as well as facial features.

Sex doll maintenance varies slightly depending on the materials used, but in general you should keep the orifices clean and dry. You should also regularly clean out gel breasts and buttocks to prevent infections or deformities.


Depending on the doll’s manufacturer, breast options may be solid, hollow or gel-filled. Solid breasts are least realistic, while gel implants are the most life-like. Some love dolls also offer labia upgrades.

Unlike Barbie, which has been accused of pandering to straight men’s sexual fantasies with bumpy nipples and handlebar mustache pubes, a sex doll designed to please women can be as realistically shaped as the customer wants. For example, Kanadoll offers a large selection of “Huge Tits” love dolls that boast truly massive boobs.

Most love dolls include a stock body to match the chosen head, although some manufacturers allow customers to design a full body from scratch. This can get pricey, though. A fully customised female doll might cost a couple of thousand dollars.

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