Why Employ a Moisture Remediation Team for Mold Removal and Moisture Control in Your Home Or Business?


A successful mold removal process in Auckland will be based on finding the cause. This will involve identifying the causes of moisture infiltration through walls and the ceilings. Find out where the moisture is coming from, as well as identifying environmental conditions that create conducive conditions for mold growth. It’s critical to identify the severity of the situation, in addition to the remedial measures that will need to be implemented.

It’s important to identify the scale of infiltration, as well as identifying what the remedial steps are going to be. It also includes the need to estimate the extent of water damage, and, air flow meters. An accurate assessment will allow you to make the necessary decisions on what action needs to be taken. Whether your mold removal is part of a complete ventilation and cleaning program for your building or an ongoing process, it’s important to know whether there are health effects associated with the removal of the mold spores. If there are health effects associated with the spores, you may need to have the contaminated air removed, or have the building re-uccured to prevent the spores from being airborne.

The Health Effects of Mold Removal In relation to the Auckland region, experts believe that there is a correlation between indoor mold growth and allergies. In response to this, many mold cleaning specialists now carry out their own mold testing, using airborne parameters such as pet counts and moisture levels in the air to identify the presence of mold spores in the air. Once the presence of mold is confirmed, the cleaning specialist may recommend that your ventilation ducts and roof space are cleaned. As a result, any contaminated air is removed and recycled. The roof space is typically treated by either a dampening solution or an ultra-violet light, which will kill any remaining mold spores.

The Health Effects of Mould Removal As with all mold remediation jobs, the results are not guaranteed. If you choose to hire a qualified professional for the job, they will perform a survey before undertaking the work, and this survey should determine whether there are any areas that require further cleaning. It’s important to hire a professional that has been in business for over 33 years, as this means they have experienced both success and failure. The professionals will also conduct routine cleaning on site in order to guarantee that no other issues or areas of concern exist. They will post their progress on-site to ensure that you are provided with up to date information.

The Health Effects of Mould Removal In terms of the health effects of mold growth in your home, experts advise that the majority of occupants suffer from a short-term respiratory illness, usually as a result of inhaling small particles of mold. For long term health effects, experts advise that occupants may experience a form of chronic bronchitis. Both conditions can be very serious and if not treated correctly, could prove fatal. Due to the high level of moisture in many a home, indoor air pollution is common. This is why it’s so important to hire an experienced Auckland moisture remediation company to carry out an annual inspection of your property.

As soon as the inspection is complete, the experts will carry out a rapid carpet clean of the affected area to remove any existing spores and moisture. This is followed by high grade encapsulation and drying of the carpeted area, ensuring that no further water damage or mold growth occurs. When encapsulating, the moisture is held in the fiber structure of the carpet, which is then removed and discarded. Once this is completed, a dehumidifier is used to reduce the humidity in the affected area, and a restoration and repair team will then carry out any necessary repairs. Mold removal and moisture remediation services are available to residents of Auckland city.

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