WooCommerce NZ: Setup Steps

After installation, WooCommerce settings need to be set up for use in New Zealand.

These are the settings we usually use for an Auckland, New Zealand based WooCommerce website, selling to NZ customers. The settings will differ slightly depending on your GST status and the countries you sell to.

General WooCommerce NZ: Region
1. Base Location: New Zealand – Auckland

2. Currency: New Zealand Dollars ($)

3. Allowed Countries: Specific Countries

4. Specific Countries: New Zealand (Set this to include the other countries you sell to if not just located within NZ)

5. Save Changes!

This sets the WooCommerce installation to take orders from NZ based customers only. Most of our start up Ecommerce clients are looking for this option.

Check out our post on Selling Globally from NZ for more options.

Inventory Options
WooCommerce can manage your inventory for you – but most clients note that this can be one of the more time consuming parts of setting up your store.

If you produce products yourself, provide digital products, or if you have a local supplier that can provide additional stock in a short timeframe, you may find it easier to turn off the inventory management options.

If you need inventory management – choose the email address to which low stock notifications should be sent, and choose the thresholds, visibility and store front notifications that you want to use.

If you need something more in depth for managing stock notifications, backorders or out of stock messages, you might like to try Advanced Notifications for WooCommerce to manage these.

Tax Settings for WooCommerce NZ
1. Enable Taxes: Tick Enable taxes and tax calculations

2. Prices Entered With Tax: Select Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax

3. Calculate Taxes based on: Shop Base Address (unless selling outside of NZ, see below!)

4. Display prices during cart/checkout: Select Including tax

5. Save Changes!

At the top of the tax settings page is a blue link for the Standard Rates.

6. Click on Tax Rates: Standard Rates

7. Click the button for Insert Row

8. Enter the Country Code as NZ

9. Enter the Tax Rate as 15

10. Enter the Tax Name as GST

11. Save Changes

If you supply products to customers outside of New Zealand, you won’t usually charge them GST.

Setting this up with WooCommerce requires the following modifications:

1. Calculate Taxes based on: Customer Billing Address – this will remove the GST when a country other than NZ is selected.

2. If you’re having trouble – check that the Default Customer Address is set to “Shop Base Address”. This is under “General”. If you are testing out your store, remember that WooCommerce will remember the billing location you’ve entered and display product tax accordingly.

Basic WooCommerce Shipping Options
WooCommerce comes with basic shipping options out of the box. It works best with one flat rate of shipping within NZ, or a free shipping option, plus one shipping rate for each country that you supply. If you want multiple shipping prices per country, based on the products or quantities ordered, you will need to purchase a shipping plugin that offers extra options.

Flat Rate

1. Check Enable Shipping

2. Save Changes

3. Select the blue link Flat Rate Shipping

4. Title: NZ Flat Rate

5. Availability: Specific Countries

6. Specific Countries: New Zealand

7. Tax status: Taxable

8. Cost per order: Enter your shipping cost GST EXCLUSIVE (GST will be added at checkout)

9. Save Changes

Free Shipping

1. Select the blue link Free Shipping

2. Check Enable Free Shipping

3. Title: Free Shipping

4. Availability: Specific Countries or All Allowed COuntries (depending on your free shipping options)

5. Specific Countries: (if applicable) Select the countries that have free shipping

6. Free Shipping Requires: Select whether a coupon or a minimum order amount applies

7. Minimum Order Amount: Enter the minimum order amount that applies for customers to get free shipping

International shipping rates and multiple product/quantity, and weight based shipping rules can get pretty complex based on how your business operates and we’re not able to cover all the options here. You may need a plugin for WooCommerce that can handle different shipping options and multiple rate calculations.

Complete your NZ WooCommerce Setup
These steps have got you most of the way towards setting up your WooCommerce install for selling online in NZ!

You’ll also need to configure:

Shipping Options
Payment Gateways
Email messages
These settings vary widely between businesses so we can’t cover all of the possible options here!

If you need a hand with your particular WooCommerce setup options – give us a call.

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