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If you’re in the market for a new or updated website, chances are the first step you will take after jotting down your ideas and specifications is to approach a range of businesses to get a WordPress Web Design Quote.

what is inbound marketingWe’ll get in quick here and let you know that we’d love to quote on your project.

You can get started by contacting us for a free quote and project proposal.

Our Guide to Reviewing a WordPress Web Design Quote

If you’re shopping around, we’ve made a list of the top things we think you should see in a quote, along with a few items to check out to make sure you’ll be getting exactly what you wanted.

A solid quote is usually accompanied by a proposal or an extra level of project detail.

Your WordPress quote should help you to do the following:

Define the problem. What’s wrong, broken, requires an update, or needs fixing? If it’s a redesign, map out why the site is being revised. If it’s a new website – what is the overall goal?

Outline a solution. How will the website address your problem? You’d expect an overview here and hopefully a few technical details to help you compare apples with apples.

Outline the approach. What approach does your provider intend to take? Are they focussed on the technical aspects, or the design? Will they use data or competitor information to inform your plans? Do you get a feeling that they have a clear vision to move forward? Have they accounted for all the factors that you need covered?

Clarify the deliverables. This could describe exactly what you will receive, in what format, and how many revisions/changes are provided. What is the finished project? What will be provided along the way? Are there specific timeframes that must be met? This is the most important section of any WordPress Web Design Quote.

wordpress web design quote
Set a timeframe. Can you pencil in a start date? If not, roughly how long will the project be expected to take? Are there any deadlines that must be met?

Define the Terms and Conditions. There should be a specific set of terms and conditions that your website developer operates by. This may include rights, responsibilities, payment terms, ownership, warranties, fees. Make sure you feel comfortable with these terms and conditions. Some providers’ WordPress web design packages require you to commit to high monthly fees and even though the software is open source, they may require additional fees if you wish to move to a new provider.

Feel confident in your choice of provider. Does the provider have insurance? Do they provide any kind of warranty or guarantee of their skills and services? What are your options if you’re not happy with their work?

Get specific. Every project is different, but here are some items to be aware of in a WordPress web design or development quote. Are these included in the price? Do you need them? Why? If you don’t want/need them now, can you add them in future if required?

Check the specs:

  • Content loading, creation or editing
  • Logo or graphic design
  • Email newsletter sign up and which email newsletter system to use
  • Does this include creating a branded HTML email template
  • Search Engine Optimisation – is any provided? Just the basiscs? A DIY plugin?
  • How will a redesign be managed so as not to disrupt existing SEO and Google rankings?
  • Advanced SEO – what happens if you need it?
  • Social media account integration
  • Sign up forms, contact forms
  • Google Analytics and tagging key goal conversions
  • Blog – is it included and optimised for SEO?
  • Ecommerce – do you need to take payments, sell products, or manage bookings on your website?
  • Security – what security features will be put in place? What backup systems exist so that you can get your website back if something goes wrong?
  • Site speed – will any features be put in place to enhance website speed?
  • Mobile responsiveness – this should be standard on any new website now but it pays to double check exactly what you’ll be getting.
  • What kind of hosting will you get? What happens if your website outgrows your hosting or traffic allowance?
  • How will ongoing updates be managed? WordPress is updated frequently and your theme and any plugins used will also need to be updated. It’s always best to get your WordPress provider to manage these in case something breaks. How will this work be billed?

Take the next steps. A solid WordPress web design quote should outline what you’ll need to do next. Do you need to book a meeting? Pay a deposit? Fill out some forms? Reply in writing? Book in your project start date? What if you have more questions?

Is there anything we’ve missed here? What features make a quote stand out to you? Are there things you think that are missing on WordPress web design quotes? Do they leave you with questions? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Email us or drop a line here to let us know.

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